Entrevista a Nikki Reed durante la premiere de Amanecer en NYC

Nikki Reed esta en una nueva Pelicula PAWN

Ensayando... pruebas de vestuario... ¡conociendo a mi elenco con el cual me siento muy privilegiada de estar en la misma habitación! ¡A punto de hacer una película!

Se llama PAWN. Voy a trabajar con el increíble @michaelchiklis y @forestwhitaker

Oh y no os olvidéis de @common y Ray Liotta!! ¡Estoy tan feliz!

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Twilight's Nikki Reed Shows Off Fun and Festive Party Dresses

Plus, the star reveals how she quit smoking, the career she secretly wants to have and Breaking Dawn's fashion secrets.

"My style is very eclectic. I've picked up things from all the places I've visited and lived around the world."

Before 23-year-old Nikki Reed became the inscrutable, beautiful vampire Rosalie in the Twilight movies—the fourth in the series, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, opened November 18—she played another frightening creature: an American teenager, in the indie film Thirteen, which she cowrote. Yet all the brooding films can't cloud Reed's sunny side. She hikes almost daily with her German shepherd, Enzo; is over the moon about her recent marriage to American Idol finalist Paul McDonald, 27, this fall; and feeds Twitter @NikkiReed_I_Am with a constant stream of congeniality. Her personal style is equally effervescent, a quintessential Californian brew of chic and relaxed, which made Reed a perfect fit for the laid-back glamour of this year's holiday looks. Keep the merriment on high, and ring in 2012 Nikki-style.

"My hairstyle here has a little Rosalie to it. Yeah, this look is definitely her. It reminds me of flashbacks we did in Eclipse."

An art deco frock is fresh, not costumey, in cream instead of standard black. A pearly hue has party-through-the-seasons appeal (it's light enough for summer), as does the dropped waist, which you'll be seeing in spring collections. (You heard it here first!) No matter the time of year, the generous cut and short hem allow modern flapper girls to break out the moves.

"I quit smoking two years ago, which is my biggest accomplishment. When you do that, your whole lifestyle changes, like the places you want to go to eat or the people you surround yourself with. I started exercising and I hike almost every day with my dog. It's incredible."

"I wore a Marchesa dress to the Eclipse premiere that was very similar to this one!"

"Rosalie and I have such different color palettes that work with us. Rosalie's blonde hair and fair skin work really well with pastel-y colors, whereas I tend to not wear those colors. I wear harder colors."

"At first, they were very secretive about our costumes for the wedding scene [in Breaking Dawn], but they were very glamourous."

"I love this dress because I can sit cross-legged in it and just relax. If I can do that, I'm happy!"

"I was worried I was going to fly away in this dress while jumping up and down and that the feathers would come to life and then I'd have no dress!"

"The Cullen family tries to be a little more modern with their clothes. Ashley [Greene, who plays Alice], Elizabeth [Reaser, who plays Esme] and I were always trying to grab some pieces from the 1920s and 1930s. Although in theory that was right, it made us stand out too much, so we had to stick with wearing modern-day clothes."

"Rosalie is more concerned with her hair and makeup and how people view her than she is about the most perfect little charm on her necklace. Alice cares more about the details than Rosalie does."

"At some point I'd like to have a jewelry line. The last place I lived was Greece so I got really into the evil eye. It'd be cool to get an evil eye tattoo on my outer wrist."

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