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  • Les dejo una increible entrevista a Nikki Reed por GURL gracias a NikkiReedMafia, que me paso el dato, les aviso que es en ingles pero prometo traducirla pronto, de verdad que vale la pena leerla porque es sobre Nikki y como fue su vida, entre otras cosas disfrutenla. Y dejenme su opinion sobre ella!

Sometimes, don't you look at a pretty gURL that has perfectly shiny hair, flawless skin and gorgeous twinkling eyes and just want to hit her? That's kinda how we felt about Nikki Reed -- until we talked to her. Even after about a decade in Hollywood, the gURL is still totally grounded, and just like one of us.

Nikki, who you probably know from Thirteen and Twilight, is now starring in the intense new flick, The Last Day of Summer, which comes out in September. She claims she's not "intimidatingly beautiful," that guys "don't try to pick me up," and that she's not confident and is often "uncomfortable." Uh, sure. While we can't really say we believe her, we can really say that we relate.

We chatted with perhaps the most humble movie star ever about going through a rough patch as a teen, why the popular crowd is sometimes the wrong crowd, and why it's totally OK to party.

  • So, we hear DJ Qualls (your co-star) hand-picked you to play Stefanie?

DJ and I have been best friends for I don't even know how long now... since I was a kid! He was actually approached with the script before I was and they asked who he thought should play Stefanie and he said me.

  • What a great friend! The movie is so intense. Did you sign onto it right away?

There was a bit of resistance at first because I sort of carry around this weird false image that I can only play the hot or intimidatingly beautiful girl, which is just really strange because I'm not intimidatingly beautiful. I think just when you play those characters, people start to see you as that. And so I went in and met with them and they were like, "Oh, she's not that beautiful. We can give her this role."

  • Ok, Nikki. You're just being humble.

(Laughs). I thought that it was just gonna be an easy breezy situation because DJ and I were so close, but it was really interesting to see how heavy it became just due to the nature of the project and how little time we had [to film it].

  • But you are beautiful! You must get loads of dudes dropping pick-up lines to try to get with you!

I don't know, men don't try to generally pick me up. I don't know what it is! I think I must give off the "stay away from me" vibe. I'm also a very uncomfortable person and maybe it's because I play such confident, comfortable characters that everyone thinks I am that. But I'm really not. Men don't usually come up to me.

  • Ok, so what do you say if/when they do?

If they do, I'm really bad at continuing conversation. If someone says like "Hey, how are you?" I'm like, "fine." And then I walk away. It's not because I'm trying to be mean. It's because I'm really uncomfortable.

  • You've played a lot of dark, angsty characters in the past, especially in Thirteen.

Yeah. It's really important for me to always try to find something interesting about each character in terms of where they came from and what their family life was.

  • Speaking of family life, yours was pretty crazy when you were a teen, right?

I definitely went through a rough patch, but I wasn't nearly as destructive as the character that I played in Thirteen. I think for me, growing up fast and living on my own, which is certainly not something for everybody, forced me to grow up and be responsible. I didn't have the opportunity to go out and party like a lot of the young girls in Hollywood that all lived at home with Mommy and Daddy.

  • What do you mean you grew up fast?

I had to pay bills. I had to support myself. My family didn't have a lot of money, so I had to be the adult for them too.

  • Looking back, what advice would you have given yourself when you were going through all that stuff?

I wish that I knew that I wasn't the only one, that it's that hard for everybody. It's just hard being a young girl, for whatever reason. It's all very internal, very emotional, and I think it could be a hormone thing, but it all feels overwhelming and too big to even attempt to dissect and deal with. But I wish that I had had something that made me feel like an individual.

  • What do you mean?

I wish I had had a skill. High school is all about trying to figure out who you are, and when you don't have anything to hold onto, you just kind of sway and step into any crowd that feels like it could be right. But you don't have any confidence because you don't have a skill. I remember the best I felt was when I did gymnastics because no matter what, I was the gymnast.

  • So are you going to make your kids be gymnasts?
(Laughs). When I have children, from the time that they're little, I'm gonna put them into a music class or dance class or something that will make them unique and that they have their own thing. My brother played soccer and that was his thing.

  • DJ's character, Joe, deals with A LOT bullying and literal BS in this movie. Were you ever a victim of bullying?

I've never been forced to clean poop, except by my dog, Sidney, (laughs) but I was picked on in school up until about the 7th or 8th grade. And that's why Thirteen was created. I fell into the wrong crowd; the popular crowd. I just so badly wanted to fit in because I was picked on so much as a kid. I felt like such a loser.

  • Yeah, everyone kinda goes through that at some point.

Definitely. But we didn't have a lot of money, and my mom used to make all my clothes and it was so embarrassing and I always got hand-me-downs from my brother and that was only cool for so long. And I just felt like a geek. I wore glasses and my teeth were huge. We could only afford for one of us to get braces and my brother, because he was older, got braces and I didn't.

  • No way! We don't believe you! Your smile is gorgeous!

I know, it's funny! I actually have really straight and great teeth now, but at the time it was devastating and all I wanted was braces. I still have an overbite, but my teeth have shifted a little in the right place.

  • Ok, so aside from getting braces, what advice would you give gURLs who also feel like they don't really fit in?

I think it's important for people to experience. I don't like when advice is given and it just feels so unrealistic, like, "Oh, just stay true to yourself and don't ever join the cool crowd." So just experiment and experience everything, but to a limit. Mildly. See things and do things but don't lose yourself and don't forget yourself in the process because it's really so minor in the grand scheme of things.

  • So true. Thanks for the reminder! We needed that!

Yeah! Even now at 22, I'm just starting to grasp the concept that there's so much life ahead of me. It really becomes more about your family and your life so just make good choices and take care of yourself. If you wanna party and stuff and that's what you feel you need to do, then try to do good in school also so that you can get somewhere.

  • Some parts of being a gURL suck, as you said, like trying to fit in. But what's your favorite part about being a gurl?

Oh, definitely all the fun, awesome things that we get to do with accessories and stuff. I think we get to be a lot more colorful and playful in life with style and accessories (than guys).

  • And your least favorite?

We still live in a time unfortunately where women are viewed differently than men.. We preach about equality all the time, and I just don't feel like we're actually there yet in reality So there are moments where I wish I was a man because there are things men get to do. Or not even they get to do, as it is how they're viewed that I envy.

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