Nikki Reed en el Top 22 besos "lesbicos" entre celebridades

  • Nikki quedo en el puesto nuemro 5 de los mejores besos entre chicas, gracias a la pelicula "A los Trece" (Thirteen) que protagonizo junto con Evan Rachel Wood. Para leer todo el articulo les hagan click en la imagen.

22. Neve Campbell and Denise Richards

From: Wild Things

21. Halle Berry and Britney Spears

From: Saturday Night Live

20. Jessica Biel and Sarah Silverman

From: MTV awards

19. Penelope Cruz and Charlize Theron

From: Head in The Clouds

18. Calista Flockhart and Lucy Lui

From: Ally McBeal

17. Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Williams

From: If These Walls Could Talk 2

16. Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

From: Dirt

15. Britney Spears and Madonna

From: MTV Awards

14. A very young Anna Friel and Nicola Stephenson

From: Brookside

13. Tatu

From: All the Things She Said

12. Helen Shaver and Patricia Charbonneau

From: Desert Hearts

11. Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve

From: The Hunger

10. Maria de Medeiros and Uma Thurman

From: Henry and June

9. Joan Chen and Anne Heche

From: Wild Side

8. Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax) and Susannah Thompson Lenara

From: Deep Space Nine

7. Kristin Scott Thomas and Emanuelle Seigner

From: Bitter Moon

6. Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell

From: Gia

  • 5. Nikki Reed and Rachel Evan Wood
  • From: Thirteen

4. Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd

Film: Frida

3. Sarah Michelle Gellar & Selma Blair

From: Cruel Intentions

2. Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly

From: Bound

1. Naomi Watts and Laura Harring

From: Mulholland Drive

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